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I have a variety of interests. Including WORLD OF WARCRAFT and LEAGUE OF LEGENDS. I have a tendency to post loads of RANDOM UNRELATED TO ANYTHING SHENANIGANS. I enjoy MUSIC such as BLUE OCTOBER and CLOUD CULT. I appreciate ART and THEATRE and REALLY ANYTHING THATS NOT STUPID. Feel free to ask me ANYTHING and i will try my best to answer. Welcome to my BLOG.

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The Red-headed Mouse Spider is a beautiful beast that can be found across Australia.

Females are over an inch long, almost entirely black and spend all their lives in burrows almost two feet deep and topped with trapdoors.

It’s up to those sexy red-headed, blue-bottomed males to wander the land in search of ladies.

They also happen to look extremely cute when they’re angry!

Images: Jason Bond/Peripitus/Karla Quintana Pearce

i love mouse spiders and their huge, fat, glistening mandibles

Imprisoned for ten thousand years. Banished from my own homeland. And now you dare enter MY realm? You are not prepared…


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Spirited Away | Rain

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Baby Penguin Season Kicks Off at Chester Zoo

The first Homboldt Penguin chicks of 2014 have hatched at Chester Zoo in England, and their keepers have chosen to name them after World Cup stars!

Learn more at Zooborns.

I just want a colony of dermestid beetles *sobs*